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Hey! My name is Daniel Jonas Manke, born 1985, living with my wife and two kids in Bielefeld, Germany. I am a freelance character animator with experiences in all fields of animation (feature film, shortfilm, commercial, games).


Art always played a big role to me. I‘ve been doing lots of private projects (shortfilms, comics, gamedesign, etc.) besides school and after my high school diploma I went to an advertising agency right away and made some first experiences. It was a great time, but soon I wanted to get into the film industry, because I realized I wanted to entertain people. Even more, I wanted to see smiles and tears on people‘s faces. „Telling stories“ turned out to be my ultimate creative motivation behind all my doings.


That way I came to the craft of animation and knew this is what I want to do! So I started studying at „AnimationMentor“. After my „Diploma of Advanced Studies in Character Animation“ in 2008, I got my first gig for a shortfilm and a few weeks later I‘ve been into my first feature film production. I never stopped animating and learning since then and I couldn‘t be happier about the choices I made.



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